Yongfeng Zhong

Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate of Computer Science under supervison of Dr. Xiao-ming Wu at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Before that, I was a senior research engineer at IDL Baidu Research and worked on fine-grained image recognition. My research outputs have been applied to an influential online group-buying app Nuomi, which has been covered by several media, such as VentureBeat and DigitalTrends.

I obtained my master's degree of computer science at the University of Bonn, advised by Prof. Dr. Sven Behnke. During my master's study, I participated in several research projects about tracking and navigation for soccer robots and micro air vehicles. Before coming to Germany, I obtained my master's degree of information science at The Institute of Science and Technical of China (ISTIC). I received my Bachelor's degree in Information System at Wuhan University.

Research interests

In general, I am interested in the following research topics

  • Semi-Supervised Learning
  • Low-Level Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • Robotics

selected publications

  1. Thesis
    Utilizing the Structure of Field Lines for Efficient Soccer Robot 6-DoF Pose Tracking
    Y. Zhong
    Master Thesis 2016
  2. Conference
    A High­ performance MAV for Autonomous Navigation in Complex 3D Environments
    M. Beul, N. Krombach, Y. Zhong, D. Droeschel, M. Nieuwenhuisen, S. Behnke
    International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS) 2015
  3. Journal
    The Citation ­Based Indicator and Combined Impact Indicator – New Options for Measuring Impact
    P. Zhou, Y. Zhong, M. Yu
    Journal of Informetrics (JCR-Q1, IF=4.410)
  4. Journal
    A Bibliometric Investigation on UK-China Collaboration in Food and Agriculture
    P. Zhou, Y. Zhong
    Journal of Scientometrics (JCR-Q1, IF=3.073)

selected patents

  1. US Patent
    Measuring Method and Apparatus for Damaged Part of Vehicle
    Y. Zhong, T. Xiao, F. Zhou, H. Sun, D. Errui
    US Patent App. 16/565,683
  2. CN Patent
    钟永沣, 谭啸, 周峰, 孙昊, 丁二锐
  3. CN Patent
    钟永沣, 赵宇蕾, 周峰
  4. CN Patent
    赵宇蕾, 钟永沣
  5. CN Patent
    赵宇蕾, 钟永沣
  6. CN Patent
    钟永沣, 周峰
  7. CN Patent
    张伟, 钟永沣, 谭啸, 周峰, 孙昊, 丁二锐